We at Capital Hair Loss and scalp are always on the cutting edge of research and treatment for hair loss and scalp diseases. This is why we are happy to offer micro-needling using the Dermaspark® eDermastamp. The inventors of aesthetic micro-needling, Dermaspark®, first launched their roller in 1999 in Germany and have been perfecting the technology since. Today they have become the Gold Standard in both professional and at home micro-needling treatments.


  • Strengthens Hair Structure
  • Repairs damaged follicles
  • Increases thickness and density
  • Maintains function and structure of scalp skin tissue
  • Ensures optimal anchorage of the hair roots

How It Works - In Clinic

This minimally invasive procedure creates precise micro injuries to the epidermis and dermis, which does not cause open wounds or ablative damage. These small punctures trigger the body's spontaneous healing response, stimulating cell proliferation causing the production of new collagen. These microperforations also allow for optimal absorption of Dermaspark’s Hair and scalp treatment. 

With the full microneedling protocol you will have 8 in clinic appointments. Each appointment you will receive the microneedling on your scalp alternating use of the Hair Treatment ampules, and Skin Rejuvenation Vitamin ampules. This combination will ensure optimal results. 

Before arriving for your treatment we ask that you come with a clean scalp and clean and dry hair. Your technician will then disinfect the area, apply the ampule to be used and begin the process, section the hair to ensure the microneedling covers all of the effected area. 

After your in clinic treatment your scalp will be red and may be itchy, however it is important not to touch nor wash the scalp for at least 24 hours. 

At your 1st appointment your technician will then go over the proper home care for your treatment plan. The most common is to use the Dermaroller and the Xcellaris Pro Hair Lotion.

How It Works - Home Care

*You may be recommended a different home care routine, please always follow your technician and trichologists advice 1st*

Average at home care during and after your microneedling treatments will include a home care hair washing regimen, the dermaroller and hair lotion. Your hair washing regimen will be totally custom tailored to you which will typically involve a pre-shampoo, 2 shampoos, and a conditioner but may vary. 

The Dermaroller will be used  2-3 times a week after washing and towel drying the scalp. The Dermaroller is a surgical stainless steel roller with 162 a-traumatic needles. The roller is paired with your Hair Lotion which is a therapeutic complex of DHT blockers, antioxidants and scalp-rejuvenation factors. Apply a few drops and gently massage into the scalp with clean hands. 

The Hair lotion is to be used daily to ensure optimal results. Apply a few drops around the scalp and massage gently with clean hands.

Click [here] (link to at home care instructions pdf) for more information and your home-care instructions.

Fore More Information

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