We care for your scalp, hair and soul

We are always inspired to elevate our skills to better serve our clients and attend to their physical and spiritual body alike. This is why we incorporate Eastern holistic techniques and practices, from Japanese head massage, to Ayurvedic Shirodhara therapy, into traditional Western styling techniques. We at Capital want you to feel your best inside and out.

Head Spa

So what is Japanese Headspa? The Japanese Headspa originated from the Vedic culture in India over 3000 years ago. This style of head massage effectively promotes the health of your scalp and hair while also promoting deep sleep, stress relief and full body wellness. Our Japanese state of the art equipment gives unparalleled technology, comfort and results.

Yume Spa

After years of working with traditional salon equipment our founder knew our clients deserved more. A more relaxing, total body experience. This is when we discovered the Yume Spa system. A total relaxation treatment designed to provide an unforgettable sensory experience. Combining the state of the art Yume Shampoo chair, Spa Mist microscopic mist processor and years of experience providing treatments for various scalp disease and hair loss cases, our team provides Ottawa’s first Yume spa experience.

Full-Flat Shampoo Chair

Designed with your total relaxation in mind, the Yume full-flat shampoo chair will make you lose track of time. The full length seat, designed with an organic form allows for optimal weight distribution, relieving pressure and giving an almost weightless feeling. The Shampoo chair is also combined with Yume’s specially designed Neck Device, a neck rest created with 3 contact points to reduce neck strain, again allowing total relaxation while you feel like you are floating.

Spa Mist

Made in Japan especially and exclusively designed for scalp treatment, 

The power of Mist was developed with a focus on using the power of steam to its full potential. By using an extremely fine, ultrasonic mist we are able to infuse nutrients and hydration with our exclusively formulated products. The Spa Mist’s ability to permeate the hair and scalp not only opens the follicle and cuticle but allows for optimal absorption of product and treatments.

Scalp Facials

Interested in visiting our head spa? Check out our selection of scalp facials. We offer a suite of distinct rituals that are designed to relax and improve your overall wellness.

“Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, like a plant in fertile soil.”

Helping me defy genetics

I am not genetically predisposed to have as much hair on my head as I do. Carmen, Nathalia and the team at Capital Hair Loss are amazing. They have not only created a customized plan for my needs but have helped improve the texture of my hair. People cannot understand why I go for hair loss treatments when they look at my hair. This is all thanks to the team who have helped me conquer my destiny of thinning hair.

- The most loyal of customers, Laurie


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