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Capital Hair Loss and Scalp Clinic offers the latest solutions in holistic and medical treatment options to treat hair loss, thinning, scalp diseases for men, women and children from all backgrounds and hair textures experiencing all types of Hair loss or specific scalp conditions.  

Botanical Based Hair Solutions

At Capital Hair and Scalp Clinic we carry a wide selection of René Furterer products.

These products offer proven botanically-based solutions for both hair loss and scalp diseases.

Hair loss and scalp diseases

There are many types of hair loss and scalp diseases both men and women can experience, and be treated for.

Learn more about them here.

Invested in hair health

At the end of 2018, I started to notice that my hair was thinning and not growing as fast as it once did. Though I was washing my hair regularly, I was experiencing excessive hair loss and oiliness. I even noticed my hairline receding at my temple. I tried many natural products, but nothing seemed to be working. Carmen is as dedicated to and invested in the health of my hair as I was; I am grateful to have found her and her services when I did.

- Sabaah

Extremely pleased with results

I first contacted Carmen a few years ago, regarding my thinning hair and extremely itchy scalp. After several visits, I experienced a tremendous amount of improvement, my dry flaky scalp was gone, which promoted my hair to regain its strength and improved hair growth. Carmens knowledge is second only to her genuine concern for her clients. I’m extremely pleased with my continued success and I definitely recommend a consultation for anyone with similar concerns.

- Steven Andre

Regaining my confidence

Carmen has been treating my thinning hair for the past two years, and the combination of her excellent treatments and tailored maintenance plans have helped me restore it to a level of healthiness I didn't think was possible.  Her expert knowledge and candid advice have been so helpful through a very difficult and sensitive process, and I can't thank her enough for helping me regain my confidence.

- Natalie Wapples

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