Hair Loss and Scalp FAQ

The following is a list of common questions and answers from clients about hair loss and scalp diseases.

Does washing my hair cause hair loss?

Washing your hair does NOT cause hair loss. It is necessary to wash your scalp/hair every second day or everyday depending on your physical activity, work, scalp condition, to maintain proper scalp health. 

How many hairs should I lose daily?

The normal hair loss is on average from 60 to 80 hairs daily .

Does cutting my hair make it grow?

Cutting your hair gets rid of split ends or gives you a nice hair cut, but does NOT make your hair grow. There are many facts that contribute to hair growth. For example: Nutrition, good health, hormones, proper scalp care. 

Does biotin make my hair grow?

There is insufficient clinical evidence supporting its efficacy in hair improvement. In cases of Biotin deficiency, such as brittle nail syndrome or uncombable hair, Biotin may be of benefit. However, these cases are uncommon and there's a lack of sufficient evidence for healthy individuals. 

I have dandruff. Is my scalp dry?

Not necessarily, it can be oily as well. There are many scalp conditions dandruff can be the result of. Please book a consultation with a scalp specialist to properly diagnose and treat the condition. 

My scalp is itchy, dry or oily. Should I apply castor oil to treat it?

Castor oil has not clinically proven to treat scalp conditions, in fact it can worsen the state of your scalp by not absorbing, thus building up and clogging the hair follicles.