About Carmen Elias

Carmen Elias bio and photo

Carmen joined Caralyns Hair and Wigs team in 2015 where her passion for hair loss and scalp diseases began. In 2019, she received her trichology certification at the world renowned at IAT (International Association of Trichologists) which is world renowned and recognized by leading dermatologists.

Carmen is constantly researching new and effective products and  treatments to better treat her clients. Carmen’s research for effective treatments led her to her collaboration with Rene Furterer, a division of Pierre Fabre laboratories in France, led her to become the brand ambassador

Carmen works closely with doctors, dermatologists and naturopathic doctors to better assist her clients. Carmen knows that it can be difficult for patients to expose their condition and to trust. As a qualified scalp specialist Carmen believes in listening, explaining, making patients and clients feel safe, understood and supported.

Carmen's goal is to unite dermatologists, trichologists and hairdressers to truly make a difference to everyone’s lives who are suffering from hair loss and scalp conditions


“A person can have hair loss even when a scalp examination performed by a physician seems normal. A good amount of listening to the patient’s story gives clue to the diagnosis”

Looking in the mirror

Firstly thank you ever so much for your guidance and equipping me to go down south, it’s due to you that my hair has grown so well. I truly appreciate it. I must say I’ve never had a style that’s so easy to look after. All my friends think the new me looks good. I look in the mirror and wonder who I’m looking at sometimes! Many many thanks for your ongoing help.

- Judy

Hair care guidance and expertise

Carmen is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and gave me hope that something could be done to treat my conditions. Her treatment course was successful in making my hair grow back in most of the areas that were affected, which is now thick, curly and beautiful.  I am now being treated for the areas with scar tissue that I had been told would never regrow hair. There is definite progress in this area as well, as I continue the treatment at this time.  Her care and expertise in helping me with my hair and scalp is exceptional. I would not hesitate in recommending Carmen to anyone experiencing hair loss.

- Anne

So appreciative


Thank you so much for being you and for your help with my hair issues. You have no idea how much you helped me. All the best to you, girl.

- Emily

The best outcome

I highly recommend Carmen to help with all types of hair loss.  She diagnosed my condition as Lichen Planopilaris while my doctor believed it was dermatitis - the LPP diagnosis was later confirmed by a dermatologist who did a biopsy.  Carmen keeps up to date on the latest research on hair loss and is very knowledgeable.  Based on her advice I asked my dermatologist to prescribe finasteride instead of the hydroxychloroquine he wanted to prescribe for my LPP.  Finasteride along with dietary changes and nutritional supplements recommended by Carmen has put my LPP into remission which is the best outcome that can be expected with that condition.

- S. B.